In the current climate of yeasayers versus naysayers,

where the Machiavellian game of life renders us either lions or lambs, we should remember a simple (however insignificant) power bestowed on us as free beings – the right to elect (and tear down) those who represent us. With a major general election rearing its ugly head and candidates leaping at each other’s jugulars, we are forced to contend with the lesser of two evils (or rather you a limp vessel?). Yes, furious times lie ahead. My America is STILL an America of prejudice, bigotry, and unequal distribution of wealth. It is “a concatenation of subcultures bumping up against each other in previously unimaginable ways,” writes Robert S. Boynton; And contemporarians are fumbling in its wake. My world is STILL a world with Brexit, a dubious Mexican government that has teachers in the thousands rioting in the streets, ISIS, and religious, sexual, and economic persecution.

This song still reigns true today:

And don’t you know
You reap what you sow
The ones now in the power are the ones who we chose

Oh how they try
To make us choose sides
But it’s more than a question of who’s wrong and right